Monday 30 July 2007

Black hair & forged birthday cards

A: (Tenderly taking a lock of Ninis hair in her hand) "Mummy, why did God make your hair black?"
N: "Because He thought it would suit me. He thought it would look nice. Do you think it looks nice?"
A: "No."
(pause, during which Nini no doubt swallowed back the pain)
N: "Um....right. OK. What colour do you think it should have been?"
A: "Orange"
N: "What, like Nevey?"
A: "Yes. Or maybe....a nice colour, like mine."
(Another pause)
N: "Amelie, don't you like the colour of my hair?"
A: "No".

Later, when Nini relayed this story, I asked why she asked Amelie twice - surely it was hurtful enough the first time round? She said she had wanted to make sure that Amelie had realised what she was saying. Turns out that, yes, she did...
Meanwhile: It's was my fathers birthday at the weekend, and Amelie made a card. She also decided that her beloved Tatty Ratty should have one too, and so made a second. When the time came to send Dads cards, Nini made the terrible error of being unable to work out which card was which, and so has sent my father the card intended for Tatty Ratty. Sadly, Amelie (and Amelie alone) can tell the difference between the two cards and has tearfully demanded, at hourly intervals, that Grandad be contacted and the safe return of Tatty Rattys card be arranged immediately. Nini has had to resort to underhand tactics to try and resolve the situation, going so far as to phone me up at work:
N: "I have a plan. To solve the card problem"
P:" Go on..."
N: "I'm going to get the card we have here, and change it to look like the other one, then put it through our letterbox."
P: (In slight awe at the risks she was prepared to take) "You're going to draw on Tatty Rattys card?"
N: "No, it was your Dads card. But I'll make it look like the other one, and then when it comes through the letterbox, I'll say Grandad sent it back because he could see it was for Tatty Ratty"
P: "It won't work. She'll know."
N: "How? Its just crayons. She won't remember what she drew."
P: "She will. It's for Tatty Ratty. There'll be hell to pay. I want no part in this."
N: "Well, I'm going to try it."

Of course, it didn't work. Amelie wanted to know why the postman had drawn on Grandads card, and while we are on the subject, when would Tatty Rattys card come back?