Friday 1 June 2007

Things I never thought I'd say....part 1

I suspect this will be an occasional series rather than a topic addressed by a single post. But let's start with the most recent things I have said in the last few weeks that I never dreamt I'd ever be saying, back when I was single and had no daughters:
1) "OK, OK,you can bring Tatty Ratty and the bunny twins, but not the fairy house. No plastic toys in bed."
2) "I choose the blue Barbie"
3) " No, Daddy is too old and tired to do that"
4) "In bed by ten - brilliant!"
5) "OK, OK, stop pestering me! I'll tell you a story. This is a story about Ardy and, um, the,"
6) " No, there's no such thing as sea-piglets. You're safe. Stop crying and go to sleep."
7) "Whose knickers are these on the stairs?"
8) "Yes, those are lovely pink shoes."
9) "Her name is 'Mummy', not 'Lady who looks after me"
10) "Wipe your twinkle, then wash your hands."