Sunday 27 May 2007

I am three. Not stupid...

A weekend with the girls at Granny & Grandads.
A lovely time, though the sugar high that Amelie got from one portion of pavlova was terrifying to watch, and I did end up having to share a single bed with her from 4:30 a.m onwards:
P: "It's 4:30 in the morning, Amelie - why are you shouting?"
A: "I don't know, really. Shall we watch a video now?"
The high point of Amelies' weekend was probably the appearance of Donnie the hamster, whom Auntie Frances let roam around the lounge in his hamsterball for an hour or so. I think a hamsterball for Neve would be a good idea - she is at the age where she is 'cruising' the furniture, and nothing you leave on a coffee table is safe: she will have it on the floor and in her mouth with the speed of a cheetah bringing down a gazelle.
Amelie was clearly so enamoured with the hamster that Nini thought she'd share a cherished childhood memory. I'm not sure it provoked the reaction she was hoping for...
Nini: "Do you know, Amelie, when I was a little girl I had a hamster. And one day, when we had let him out into the living room for a run, he went missing! We looked for him everywhere, me, and Granjee and Pops, and your Uncle Ben, but we couldn't find him at all. I was very upset. We had just about given up when your Pops said we should try looking in the cellar, just in case, and when we went down the stairs and turned the light on, guess what? There he was, hanging upside down from a pipe that ran along the ceiling, clinging on for dear life, and squeaking "Help me, help me!" We ran forward, and just as he let go of the pipe and fell, I caught him in my hands! Isn't that amazing?"
Amelie: (frowning) "Why could your hamster talk?"