Sunday 1 July 2007

Tattii Rattii

Following my last mail, somebody has asked me if I did manage to fulfil Amelies' request and make a Mii avatar of that blasted rabbit, Tatty Ratty, for the Nintendo. Well yes, I had a go, with some limited success - see left. (Compare and contrast with the real thing here.)
Much as I tried to explain to Ami that it was an editor "...for making people, not rabbits", she was having none of it - and so I was forced to get creative. His ears are actually eyebrows and his 'muzzle' is a moustache. His eyes are accurate though: they are the mad, staring eyes of a serial killer - and so I feel they capture his essence perfectly.
Sadly, this has just opened the floodgates, and the Mii channel is now chock-full of badly constructed tigers, pandas, cats, dogs, etc...along with Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Count Dracula, The Scream, Popeye...and Max.

Update from 4th July: Tatty Ratty, missing for the last 24 hours, was located this morning hiding in the letterbox...