Monday 5 March 2007

Tatty Ratty is found!

Unbelievably, the little yellow b*****d has turned up.
This kind of thing almost never happens, so that's probably our good luck for the whole of 2007 used up in one fell swoop. In the grand cosmic scheme of things, I reckon we probably got him back instead of having a lottery win.
He was found in the babychange toilets at Waitrose, where a kind bypasser handed him in. Fortunately, Waitrose held onto him (rather than do the sensible thing and drop him into the incerator), probably because Nini had phoned them on the Friday to ask if he had been found and to keep a lookout.They didn't phone to tell us, but when she called in today and asked, on the offchance, they simply said "Oh yes, the yellow rabbit, hold on, we'll go and get him..."
Nini admits to feeling slightly choked and emotional when she heard that, and I even allowed myself a faint secondhand smile...
Amelie is of course delighted, but nowhere near as much as she should be - and that's because she always expected him to come back: he's always going missing for the odd night, so why would this time be any different? She has no idea how lucky she's been.
I tell you now; he doesn't leave the house, ever again. In fact he's not allowed out of her bedroom - I am seriously thinking of stapling him by his skanky little ears to the headboard.
Anyway, disaster averted, at least for now. Hopefully we can get Neve to channel her affections onto some nice, generic, easily replaceable object so we don't have to go through this trauma with her in a few years. I'm thinking that a plain black sock would be good, I have a drawer full of those...("Neve, look, it's lovely Mr. Socky! He's fun, yes? Yes? Isn't he great? Much better than that nasty old teddy bear you seem to like so much...")